Alan Perry
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Alan Perry

Biographical Note :
I am a poet, painter, short-story writer, illustrator and
dramatist, currently living in Swansea   in South Wales . Five
collections of my poetry have been published in the UK – most
recently ‘Dreaming from North to South’ my Selected Poems
–  and I am a past winner of the Eric Gregory Award for
Poetry (administered by The Society of Authors in London ).
My short stories have been widely published in magazines and
my Selected Stories, ‘Days of the Comet’ was published two
years ago by Moonstone Press.  My documentary book about
homelessness in Swansea (Music You Don’t Normally Hear) is
recommended reading for the Open University and my stage
adaptation of it has been performed many times.

I have exhibited my paintings widely in galleries and on the net  
and am a past winner of the Leslie Moore Award for painting. I
have exhibited in the Welsh National Eisteddfod on 3 occasions
and also in the Welsh Drawing Biennale. My illustrations have
appeared in a variety of publications and were also used to
illustrate LMNTRE Poems by the distinguished Welsh poet
Vernon Watkins.