"Passion of Art"
Something About

Ignacio Farias

Born in Mexico City with an un-tamable free spirit and passion
for art. .

He makes images compulsively.

Impressed by the human concentrations in the cities of Mexico
and New York and on the other hand and in contrast, with the
vastness of Arizona’s landscapes where the magic of the territory
is mesmerizing, he cannot find but great inspiration in this
equation. In one side the beauty and dramatism of the landscape
with the miraculous eloquence of the skies and in the other: the
concentration of individuals harmonizing or not but blending.

Any media is good; any tool too. From pencil and paper to
brushes and canvas or spatulas or syringes or combs or icepicks,
cameras, darkroom and obviously nowadays all digital resources,
computers, giclees, etc.

And after that... Why not? mix them all.

As he sustains; "The only real rule in Art is that there are no
rules". So he dares with media and tools and with images and
ideas as well.  The results are amazing, astonishing. Colors,
compositions, subjects, perspective, depth.

He keeps producing. And this is the essence of his biography and
his philosophy: an efflorescence of images and ideas.