Irina  Marinescu

Fashion Designer
Something About

      By Ovidiu Buta

IM. As in Irina Marinescu. A designer that
has appeared from the need of talking
differently about  fashion in Romania. In a
world of inbreeded organza outfits,
wearing the signatures of “couturiers”, in a
city where the mini skirt was proclaimed
as the national flag, there was the need of
an alternative. So came to life the so called
“new wave of designers”, a happy accident
in the Romanian fashion. The most
powerful “voice” of this movement was

With a clean and simple style, with
practical and versatile outfits, successfully
playing the part of the model for her own
designs, Irina has become a familiar image
in the fashion press, and very soon, the
designer of a new generation. In her
collections she always talks about this new
world, with her obsessions, her music and
her favorite characters.

The layering, the large jersey t-shirts that
can be transformed in comfortable dresses
with the only help of an ’80 style belt, the
latex leggings, the falls of silver jewelry,
the little toys worn as a portboneheurs,
prints containing images and messages or
wooden clutches are indispensable
elements in the designer’s collections. For
Irina, fashion is her favorite playground, a
place where she grew up and that she
closely knows in its each and every detail.
And the key forte of the designer is exactly
this endless appetite for playing.