Over the summer at the art show
on Wells Street organized by Tim
Egan and other members I saw
this Art and I said to myself:"this
is weird, it's awesome...another
kind of eyes." I went to the artist
and told him:
"Hey, you...I love it. You are
different. Are you crazy?"
He laughed: "Yes, I am."
I smiled: "Great! Me too!"
And this is how I meet KEMPER!

And now I want to introduce you
to his dreams which can also be
found at

KEMPER ART             
kemper was born in oklahoma city to a british mother and a
native-american father. growing up in the flatlands, he
responded to the inquiry of what we wanted to be when he
grew up with the sureness that might be expected of a child.
there had already been a tarzan, but his bucket of plastic
animals assured him he would be a veterinarian. later, with a
new dad who picked a mean guitar and through the guidance
of his grandmother he found a violin at his disposal and knew
his destiny was to be that of a virtuoso. the voluminal bliss of
being part of a full orchestra did not keep trouble from his
heels. mischief was his playmate. so his mother enlisted him
in tennis. his groundstrokes improved over the years, but he
found his love in creating things. aspiring to draw as well as
his sister and with the support of his high school art teacher
and mother he spent three summers at the oklahoma
summer arts institute which led him to believe that he might
foster such an affection. after receiving a bachelor's degree in
fine arts with a split major of ceramics and painting at the
kansas city art institute, he studied printmaking in post
graduate work at the university of oklahoma and photography
at napa valley college. his curiosity led him to make
photographs and paintings while traveling through europe,
southeast asia, and india. his refuge, garden, and studio are
in oklahoma city, oklahoma where he continues to dream.