Michael  Leonard
"Passion of Art"
Something About

Michael Leonard

Every artist hopes to convey something to the viewer. It
is this something that the artist finds so fascinating
about the world around them that it can not go untold.
Early on I became fascinated with motion and how it
effects our environment. The tiniest drop of water will
send ripples undulating through the water for feet, a
single gust of wind will make a tree sway long after it
has stopped. Even an object sitting completely still can
tell a tale of movement given the right perspective. My
passion became bringing to film a view that it is not
normally possible with the human eye. Finding a way
to bring the viewer into a universe that has always
existed but had remained unseen has become my
artistic mission.

Photography makes it easy to "stop time," but
capturing the essence of that moment is an entirely
different task. To capture not only the ripple of the
water, but also the interplay of light with its surface;
relating the gentile roll of a flowers petal while
amplifying the raw strength that holds this fragile
These are what inspire me as an artist. Art is a funny
thing. It is so much more than an object or a skill. Art
is the one element of society that transcends all despite
language, creed or race. It can be appreciated with the
critical eye for its technique or by the casual observer
for its beauty. It is my sincere hope that while
exploring my work that you find for yourself the
majesty that has inspired me.
-Michael Leonard

"In photography there is a reality so subtle that it
becomes more real than reality."
--Alfred Stieglitz