"Passion of Art"
Something About

Shayna Bracha

Shayna Bracha Farber was born Joanne Sigel in Chicago,
Illinois in 1955. She was also given the Hebrew name
Shayna Bracha which means "beautiful blessing."

In 1995 she was stricken with Raynauds phenomenon, a
circulatory abnormality which developed into fibromyalgia
and then chronic fatigue syndrome. In March of 2001 she
attended a retreat with Peruvian Master-Shaman Juan
Nunez del Prado to learn about energy fields surrounding
the body and how to use stones and crystals to affect the
chakras and remove negative energy. Shayna used these
teachings in her process toward total recovery.

This was the beginning of her artistic spiritual quest;
creating art was an important part of her recovery process.
She noticed that her artwork was not like other artists. In
her creations, butterflies, angels and lions' heads started to
appear. Shayna's creation of art is a sacred process.

Shayna began combining these techniques and sacred
Kabbalah texts with art instruction, teaching them brush
strokes and colors, as well as use of visualization,
meditation, vocalization and aromatherapy to free the artist

Shayna is from the non-objective school of art. Her
distinctive style is influenced by Kandinsky and Klee, and
Master Artist BenTzion with a touch of M.C. Escher.
Shayna’s art has been called visionary and prolific,
expressing world peace and compassion from the heart.

Shayna Bracha’s work has exhibited in galleries in Chicago
and Houston.

Shayna is a Certified Sound Healer, trained by Chant
Master Jonathan Goldman. She has also studied vibrational
aromatherapy through Ixchel Susan Leigh, the author and
teacher of Aromatic Alchemy. Shayna has studied
Kabbalistic healing techniques at the Hebrew Seminary of
the Deaf in Skokie, IL as well as continuing the process of
Torah study with various pious teachers.

Shayna’s passion is educating others through lectures,
workshops and seminars as well as taking private students.