Shikoh Shiraiwa
"Passion of Art"
Something About

Shikoh Shiraiwa

Shikoh Shiraiwa is originally from Koga City, Japan
and has been living in the United States since
December 2001. Since childhood, Shikoh has been
interested in drawing, painting, photography and
poetry. He is a 2006 2-D art graduate of the different
medias and techniques, oil painting has become his
primary medium. A new exploration for Shikoh has
been his experimentation with digital art by
combining his oil paintings with his photography.
Shikoh Shiraiwa is currently completing an
internship for Oklahoma City’s Artscape Project.
Recently, he was a contributing artist at the 12”x12”
Art Show & Sale charity event in downtown,
Oklahoma City that sponsors the Oklahoma Visual
Art Coalition