Vesna Komarica
"Passion of Art"
Something About

Vesna Komarica

Vesna Komarica was born in Sarajevo,
former Yugoslavia, where she graduated
from the School of Architecture in 1991. She
worked in Europe for several years and
moved to the United States in 1995. She has
received Master Degree in Architecture from
the University of Texas at Arlington in 2003.

Vesna Komarica had always drawn, painted
and inspired by Mediterranean landscape
and colors. She works with a variety of
subjects, ranging from landscape to
figurative in abstracts and realist formats.
Regardless of the subject, her distinctive
painterly style emanates from each canvas.

Komarica’s techniques are oil on canvas and
encaustic, which is a unique blending of bee’
s wax and oil paint applied on canvas
stretched over a board. Each painting tells a
story in the contemporary reference to the
ancient technique of encaustic.