"Passion of Art"
Something About

Joshua Barash

I wanted to try something different from than the
generally urban theme of architectural details,
landscapes, and structures that I had always gravitated
to in my fine art work?  I have particularly enjoyed
shooting what seems to be something mundane,
perhaps neglected or forgotten and capturing it in
such a way as to make it appear striking.  For
instance, a detail of a building indistinct as a part of
the whole becomes, on its own, a captivating abstract
of lines and curves.

And, what could be more different for me than the
subject of nudes?  I knew there was an abundance of
nude and erotic work that saturated the market.  I
didn't want to be trite; I needed to know that I could
bring something distinct and inimitable to my attempt.

I realized that if I could somehow combine my images
and sensibilities I spoke of earlier, with the models,
use their bodies as canvases, I might be able to create
a whole new approach to the concept of the female
form in photography.  At least it would have to be
original since it would be my work I was merging with
that of the model’s bodies.  

The only other criterion was I had to shoot it as I saw
it, to be photographic and not computer graphic.   I
wanted to be true to my roots of shooting with film and
not images I produced within a computer.  

So, that's exactly what I have done; I literally project
my black and white images with old style Kodak slide
projectors directly onto the models' bodies.  I then re-
shoot the two together, using 35mm digital SLR
cameras, and print them on color photographic paper.  
What you see is what I saw when I took the picture,
with a little cleaning up in the computer.  As the
process through experimentation progresses, it's
become evident that the relationship between the man
made form and the nude body is remarkably cohesive.

My main goal was to play with the lines and the curves
of the photo I was projecting with those of the body so
that the body would be transformed: a woman now
draped in erotic sheer clothing, an ancient stone
statue covered in vines, or an abstract work of
complimentary lines and curves.

What I realized is that shooting nudes has not been the
leap that I had expected, but a remarkably natural and
seamless progression – a merger of my previous body
of work with the bodies of the models I now shoot.  A
stunning fusion of man’s designed forms and the
organic and sensual form of the female body.

Born In New York City, Josh has spent equal amounts
of time living in New York, Toronto and Los Angeles,
where he currently resides.  

A professional photographer for over 20 years, Josh
began his career as a photojournalist, published in
newspapers for Gannett, The L.A. Times, The
Washington Post, The NY Post and numerous other
magazines and papers.  One of his photos was most
recently published in a book on Qantas Airlines.  He
was a staff photographer for Music Connection
magazine and shot over 150 bands while there.  

Now primarily a successful commercial photographer,
his client base continues to grow.  He works
continuously for companies and organizations such as
MTV, Qantas Airlines, Nickelodeon TV, The
Government of Australia, and so many others over the
years he can’t remember them all.

He is currently a staff photographer for the City of
West Hollywood and continuous to be published in
numerous newspapers and magazines.

Josh’s fine art work has been shown in cities in both
Canada and the U.S. including L.A., New York and