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Is a  full time professional artist as. Escha is originally from
Holland and she start painting at a very young age. She is an
established  artist and she has been  exhibiting her paintings
for more then 17 years around the world.
She lives in between New Zealand and Europe, promoting
her art and artistic passion.
Her art is part of private and public collection, and some of
her murals stand as a proof of her talent in many beautiful
buildings in Europe.
Claudy Khan

Is a  full time professional artist originally from  Kinshasa,
former Zaire. He start painting while he moved to Paris and
became an established  artist with  a very high demand from
collectors and private buyers. He has  been exhibiting his
paintings around the world for more than a decade.

His art is part of private and public collection, and some of
high figures in the world of art and politics collect Claudy's
Khan art works.


With his loyallity to imagination above all other rules of artistic logic, his paintings begin
with a single line and then take on vivid lives of their own as landscapes in which viewers
can lose themselves. Adonin strives to create works that allow for freeform exploration in
an abstract universe without the hard constraints of realism. Rather than beginning with a
preconceived idea of a painting's final form, the soundtracks he chooses while creating
each piece determine the end results, allowing for freeform evolution.
There's a resemblance to abstract science fiction illustrations from the 1960s that
immediately appealed. The similarity can't be accidental as there is a distinct homage to
science fiction in some of the work. While the images are essentially abstract and are
created without any preconception there is always a strong hint of figuration or more
commonly landscape. He builds up layers using a variety of techniques with large windows
in each, so that the final image is a kind of collage of textures.

Born in the City of San Jose, California, and living most of
his life in Mexico, Agustin Castillo is influenced culturally
by both countries.
From an early age he was aware of his passion and
inclination towards the artistic activities.

With a Degree in Graphic Design in 1987 in Mexico, Agustin
initiates his process of professional development working as
Freelance Designer for different Advertising Agencies,
In 1997, he took part as professor in the area of design and
art in different universities and institutes of art in the City of
Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico.
In 1999, Agustin Castillo began to exhibit his work in different states of Mexico
and United States.
Always trying to develop the concepts that would help to canalize his emotions,
ideas, and visual interpretations, his work is amazingly crafted using different
types of materials and methods, building layer upon layer of paint and textures,
Agustin Castillo achieves to create powerful and colorful artwork.
Taking part in several experimenting art workshops in Barcelona, Spain, Agustin
Castillo finds no limitations
in his way of expression, exploring a mix of techniques that brings a unique visual

Agustin Castillo is currently showing his artwork in Texas, California, New York
and Mexico.

Vali Craciunescu is a very well known Romanian
musician and singer.
His works are well known for his accordion skills, but
he  is  also a very good piano  performer.

In his career he performed with many international
bands from Europe and U.S.A.
In his last tour he performed at the famous "Green
Mill" in Chicago together with the legendary CHRIS
FOREMAN and  Kimberly Gordon.